Re-Connect \ 2014

I will stand upon the meeting point of two eternities and be present in the now. I’m to exist in my daily life, cut off from one of the most important norms in our society. I do this in hopes of better understanding my mind and as a commentary on our culture. By removing intentional communication from the situation and becoming a spectator I feel that my consciousness will change and allow for greater introspection.

Zen teaches meditation practices with the eyes open.

No Speaking

No Commerce except through machines

No Phone/Internet/Text/Email

No Interpretive dance

No Shadow puppets

No communication with the outside world.

The responses I’ve gotten to this concept have ranged from “that’s bullshit, there’s no way you can do it” to “commentary on culture.” I always kind of felt like performance art was hokey, I mean a guy waving his arm up and down yelling “this is art!” is only good if you’re the first one to do it. But art is not my job or career. IT IS MY LIFE! As such, my life is my medium. I’ve found that by applying different constraints or changing/questioning societal norms you can come to unexplored conclusions and learn something more about yourself through performance.