Currency \ 2013

I wrote the following concepts down on pieces of paper and spread them through out the room.

Love, Hate, Rape, Gender Equality, Facebook, War, Pollution, Obsolete Technology, Politics, Lies, Racism, Waste, Slavery, and the Internet.

I then told all the participants to choose one concept they wished to clean up and I would in turn pay them for their efforts.

This piece initially started with the idea of money being this evil grip on my everyday life that I wanted to try and shed. But through introspection and investigation, I realized that it wasn’t money that was the issue. It is the government that uses money to enslave and control the world. As such I wanted to experience it from their point of view. I wanted to dictate “the world’s problems” and tell everyone that they must fix them in order to be paid. At this point I was also very interested in the idea that currency isn’t just a dollar bill. We all perform actions or tasks for things less tangible. Hence the creation of my own universal currency which was then used as payment for the participants (except the teacher refused to pick an issue and instead traded me a rubber band for a bill which I ripped in half).